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Christian Life Coaching


Hey, I'm Coach Rebekah! I'm thrilled you are here. 


I’ve been professionally helping and developing others for nearly 15 years. I hold a master’s degree in counseling and have over 2,000 hours of working one-on-one with clients.

Somewhere down deep you are hungry for more (rightfully so) and aren't quite sure how to get there on your own (super common).

You may be feeling very ready and excited to get coaching. You may be feeling terrified of the work that lay ahead. Either is OK! 

With a touch of Biblical counseling and some discipleship, I will coach YOU. Meaning, we will work with your personality type (not against it) and all that makes you... you... to create breakthroughs, change, and lasting results.

I combine various skills and tools that help clients experience growth in a way they never have. Positive psychology, master-level coaching, emotional intelligence training, and more. All this, rooted in and built upon Biblical truth and allowing God to lead.  

Keep reading to learn how to get started! 

I was absolutely blown away by how incredibly different coaching was from counseling. Rebekah does an amazing job of asking great questions, challenging and facilitating a breakthrough. Each week I would walk away with specific and detailed homework tailored to my needs exactly. 

If you're hesitant about jumping in and starting coaching, don't wait one more minute. I only wish I would have started earlier with Rebekah.


Lizzy, 30

Coaching Client

It can be scary opening up your life to someone you have never physically met. Rebekah helped me to feel comfortable and safe right away from our first phone call. 

Through coaching, Rebekah helped me develop skills that I use every day that allow me to be me and to trust God. He absolutely answered my prayers through coaching, giving me the strength and clarity I needed to keep moving forward. 


Megan, 34

Coaching Client

Rebekah has a gift for asking the right questions to help you peel back the layers of lies and hurts that have kept you from living a life of freedom with Christ. She is encouraging and compassionate as she listens, and not once have I felt judged by her as I vulnerably shared.

I am a few months into my work with Rebekah and it has seriously been life-changing. Freedom in Christ is attainable and He wants me to experience it! I am so thankful God intersected my path with Rebekah’s!


Nikki, 44

Coaching Client & Course Student


Get unstuck. Become the woman you long to be. Live the life God created you to Live. Yes, it's really possible.


How to Get Started 


Let me start by saying this.. I believe that we need Holy Spirit help more than need Self-Improvement and I coach from a "God has done it all (so let's first rest in that), now let's do what we can" worldview.

Coaching is so powerful because it includes mindset shifts, habit creation, moving truth from the head to the heart, FAILING, trying again with grace, growing closer to Jesus, getting better, and getting your brain used to your new way of life.

And all of that takes time. 

As a protective mechanism for you, your time, and your money, I recommend a 6-month coaching package for all new clients.

Coaching is not another shallow quick fix that leaves you discouraged and feeling like a failure, again. It requires perseverance, slowing down, and trusting God more deeply. I guarantee you will experience results that you haven't been able to find elsewhere. 

Below are the two coaching options I offer. I invite you to book a free, no-pressure, Coaching Consultation phone call to learn more! On this 30-min phone call, I will call you and we will just chat! I look forward to it already!

~ Rebekah


Six-Month Package with 3 Sessions Monthly



5 Individual Coaching Sessions



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