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Rebekah has been speaking professionally for 10+ years and enjoys all types of events: women’s retreats, conference keynote, podcast interviews, panelists, and more. She is also a Featured Speaker with the Christian Women's Speakers Network. VIEW HER PROFILE


Rebekah Anne Perkins is a speaker, podcaster and coach with over 2,000 hours experience working with women one-on-one. Be transformed with relevant and inspiring Biblical teaching that leads to real change and lasting growth.




I do not give the same talk twice (unless you request one of my Signature) When you book me for your retreat, conference or event I become highly involved with the organization and craft a message that is customized and fits in seamlessly, or anchors, the theme of your event. 


As a speaker/teacher I combine straightforward truth, real-life stories, humor, and practical application, consistently aware of presenting the information in a way that holds the audience's attention because it's useful and true, not just entertaining. 


As a Christian of nearly 30 years, I have heard many messages, done many Bible studies, and attended many conferences. After some years many of the messages start to sound the same. I aim to bring a truly unique perspective on the truth when I speak, giving women fresh and new inspiration.T


My goal each time I speak is to present robust truth or ideas in such a way that they are easily absorbed. "I have never seen it that way before" is a common phrase I hear after I teach. It is always my aim to make sure that audiences I share with walk away changed for the better on some level. 

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